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that's so amazing, i've tried to learn but i dont know where to start ...

Take a few lessons. I started learning classical guitar.

I took lessons for a year and then I stopped and taught everything myself. 

I learned enough to know the chords and what everything sounded like. 

My guitar teacher actually ended up killing himself which was the main reason I stopped taking lessons His shop closed down. So, I was on my own. But after learning the basics, I learned a HUGE amount of musicianship, and technique by watching videos of Jimmy Page, and SRV. 

Most recently, for Christmas, my ex bought me The Real Book for C Instruments which is basic time signatures, rhythms, and keys for your standard jazz/blues standards. They also bought me The Guitar Grimore. I seriously never thought I’d even open those books, but I learned a lot of progressions and shapes from them. It’s been 6 years and I’m still learning more everyday. 

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Do you learn songs through tabs or sheet music?

neither. I learn and transpose everything I play or compose by ear. If I have to I use tabs but very rarely. 

believe it or not, I can’t read sheet music

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years played, rig, How many hours a day a week. do you practice. and longest non stop play

I’ve been playing guitar since freshman year of high school (6 years) and my mom thought it was a phase and I’d get bored… 

My rig: Arbor Les Paul 70s Custom Copy, Fender HSS Mexican Strat, Gibson SG, Fender Malibu Custom Shop Series Alkaline Trio. 30 Watt Orange Amp Crush FX Combo, Line 6 Pod 2,0, Squier P-10, ElectroHarmonix Big Muff Dunlop Crybaby Wah Jimi Hendrix Edition.

I practice minimum 3 hours a day, usually 3-5 hours every single day. 

During Hurricane Sandy, I played for a week straight except for eating and sleeping. I didn’t see a lot of people during  that time, but I recorded a shit ton of originals and covers… 

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It would make me the happiest person on the entire planet

if i was paid to just play guitar all day…

Like, a studio musician… an entertainer at a restaurant or theme park, a band, a touring guitarist

ANYTHING…that would make me so fucking happy